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Update Arkansas - Arkansas Department of Human Services

Welcome to the Medicaid website just for you.

If you are here, you should have already completed an application and been notified that you are eligible for Medicaid coverage or private insurance paid for by Medicaid. This site will give you information about what services are covered, what services you have used and more. If you are approved for Medicaid’s ARHOME program, then you can pick your plan on this site.

Through this secure portal you can check the status of your claims and view your benefit information. Please note: This web site is for adult beneficiaries only and the user can only see his or her information and no other beneficiaries of the household. This is to protect children in foster care and domestic abuse victims. For information on your child's benefit information, please contact your local county office.

You must register on this site to access your information, even if you previously registered with another Arkansas Medicaid site to apply for coverage or pick an insurance plan. That means you will need to pick a new User ID and password, even if you had one that you previously used.


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